Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wow so i need to keep up..

With moving and getting ready for new life adventures. I haven't been keeping up on the blog like I should. So Here is some updates. JenMarie Photography has recently moved to a new location. I will be moving once again in the next coming months to a more permanent location and once we are in that area I would like to see us there for quite some time.  But here is to new beginnings!!
About a month ago ( yes i am that much of a slacker lol) I did a first birthday shoot for a little girl. She was adorable just learning to walk so she wasn't one who wanted to sit down to get her photo taken.

Beautiful little girl, but a trickster she was. She would look at me with a straight face so i tried really hard to get a few smiles every time she would look away she would giggle. She knew what i was up too.

I also gave her cousin a run for his money that day too. He was a little charmer. He can sure work the camera I'd love to work with him again for a commercial shoot some time in the near future.

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